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Time to Heal Treatment & Workshop Facility

Time to Heal Treatment & Workshop Facility

511 Canada Ave. Duncan BC


email: timetoheal@spiritarian.com

Time to Heal is a community of socially conscious, positively focused individuals who strive to enhance their healing skills and in return offer community an effective program of spirits feeding other spirits positive healing energy. Time to Heal is a treatment centre designed to help humanity maintain balance in an unbalanced world. We welcome all healing practices within practical and healthy reason to help improve our fellow person.

Andrew Louisy has earned a reputation as a “by any means necessary he will find a solution” healer. Not only does he approach healing from spiritual and physical avenues, Andrew has designed a system of acupressure “3 Cubes of Light” which identifies an individual’s healing points to stimulate healthy polar flow. Housing multiple modalities in an arena of unconditional love makes Andrew a gratifying and memorable individual to interact with or meet.

Erin Kapela manages Time to Heal, utilizes acupressure and counselling to treat clients, and teaches workshops. Erin's desire to learn and share her knowledge has led her to focus on healing and go into business with Andrew. She is inspired by interacting with community and working to create positive change.

Dustin Webb put in the time to learn “3 Cubes of Light” acupressure during hi  apprenticeship at Time To Heal. He is a natural alchemist and makes various remedies as designed by Andrew Louisy. We are proud to have him be the newest member of the Time To Heal team.

Part-time & Guest Practitioners

Corelli Mattice has brought a heartfelt exuberance to healing, Uni-Yoga, and the community since 2011.

Jennifer Aldrich is a certified Jin Shin Do Acupressure practitioner and has studied with Andrew since 2000.



Full Healing session with Andrew & the Time To Heal team

Andrew works mind/body/spirit/energy to create proactive solutions. A 30-year experienced healer, he capacitates a great deal of energy and a session may include: 3 Cubes of Light Acupressure, steaming, counselling, meditation, energy work or all of the above. Andrew's specialty is finding long-term solutions to challenging issues, illnesses, and injuries.

Sessions approximately 2 hours. Sliding scale & barter negotiable.



Tune-up Session (Chair treatment)

7 min $10.00

15 min $20.00

Acupressure Session (Table Treatment)

33 min $47.85

44 min $63.80

55 min $90.75

90 min $144.00


(Prices do not include tax) 

Rolling Pin Session (Table Treatment)

Body rolling is an effective treatment to stimulateand clear lymphatics, reduce edema and increase circulation. It sparks the nerve endings in a gentle way that is ideal for people with neurological symtoms, fibromyalgia, or diabetes.

22 min $24.50  ($1.11/min)

33 min $36.60  ($1.11/min)

Counselling Session

Time To Heal utilizes proactive programs of accountability to assist clients in healing emotional, mental, and addictive patterns of behaviour. Our environment is run through common sense and based in humour.


Healing Packages

To maximize healing mind/body/spirit for long-term positive growth and stability healing packages are available which may include: a team of practitioners, body-work, counselling, addiction recovery, workshops, herbal remedies, exercise, and/or private healing lessons.

Please inquire directly.

Duo 3 Cubes of Light Treatment Andrew & Jennifer combine soulful yin and yang flow 
to help create a harmonic convergence of healing energy.

60 min $195.00

The BioMat combines far infrared rays, negative ion effects and the conductive properties of amethyst channels. It can be added to any appropriate treatment for $0.35/min or simply book time to lie on the mat to relax & rejuvenate
Added to treatment: $0.35/m

BioMat Session:

30 min: $22.50 ($0.75/min)
60 min: $45.00 ($0.75/min)


Infrared Sauna 

Where a traditional sauna heats the air, infrared directly heats your body tissue below the skins surface and penetrates deep into the body. This induces two-three times the sweat at a much lower temperature and allows for a deep detox that is gentle enough for people who find steams or traditional saunas too intense. Infrared sauna can be used for: detox, pain relief, relaxation, lower blood pressure, and improve circulation and to assist with weight loss. As the infrared sauna is very powerful it's not to be overused.

Sessions are $25.00

(up to 1 hour at the discretion of Time To Heal Staff)

5 sauna sessions $100.00

10 sauna sessions $180.00

Body Wraps

We offer a variety of customized sea weed Body Wrap Treatments for specialized toxin removal and treatment of swollen feet, swollen legs, and edema reduction.


Unified. Uniform. Universal.

2:00-4:00pm SUNDAYS

United. Uniform. Universal.

Promoting communal self-awareness through body motion and exercise in a supported manner to increase healing & long-term stability. Practice is through energetic focus, grounding, chakra awareness and releasing blockages. Uni-Yoga has all participants connected physically or energetically and adjusts to compensate for ALL ages and abilities.

SUNDAY UNI-YOGA has a permanent location!!

$12.00 per person

2:00-4:00pm SUNDAYS
Island Savings Centre (Cowichan Theatre)
2687 James St. Duncan, BC
Second floor. Genoa Room


We offer a complete series of seminars and workshops that aid people in understanding balanced self to feel whole and complete in a Higher Power's eyes. Some of these include:

Level 1: Recreating Life Patterns, Removing Futile Blocks. I Am Positive Energy – “I”.
Recognizing the importance of positive self awareness and projecting positive energy. Opening opportunities for change.
4-week (12 hours) $360.00


Level 2: Developing Will-Power in Transition Focused on Positive Growth. I Am Positively Accepting – "I WILL".
Recognizing transition internally and externally. Allowing positive flow with "All".
6-week (18 hours) $539.00

Level 3: I Am Positively Grateful – "I AM"
Accepting all outcomes and being grateful in every moment. Flowing free for "all" to see.
Length and price to be determined.

Introduction to Control/Pride/Ego
Changing behaviour in a moment to create positive results.
(2 hours) $40.00

Tea of Light

Tea of Light and Juice of Light were derived from the volcanic island of St. Lucia in the mid 1990s. St Lucia is a Caribbean island which has highly enriched colloidal mineral soil and year round is a highly lush, tropical island.

The ingredients in Tea of Light come from this soil and are considered highly medicinal by the native people of St Lucia. Our drinks of light mostly consist of: turmeric and a native bush known as bleeding bush. It may also include either algae, sea moss, or two types of roots from St. Lucia when making specialty drinks. Andrew also brews custom variations for clients for maximum benefit

The main purpose of this drink is to promote natural internal healing through detoxifying or cleansing organs such as the bowels, and promote a synchronized circulatory & nervous system. It can also decrease free-radical cells, and boost the overall immune system.

At minimum people feel more vitality and are generally healthier. The properties of Tea of Light are cumulative and diuretic therefore they should not be taken in excess over a short period of time. Concentrate may be frozen
1 L concentrate (3 months) $111.00


Time To Heal Treatment Facility is focused on long-term solutions for clients and works on a priority basis, often with high risk and emergency clients. Owner Andrew Louisy’s specialty of recreating clients’ lives and healing perceived impossible cases requires working with flexibility and the willingness to flow with Universal timelines. On occasion this can cause his schedule to be unpredictable. Appointments may be rescheduled. We value your business and your health and thank you. Your understanding is appreciated. 

Contact Time to Heal for more information on upcoming workshops, seminars, treatments, guest healers, and weekend courses. Time to Heal compassion & inclusion policy welcomes trades, barters and offers sliding scale rates. We are focused on positive growth for everyone and accessible healing for all who heartfully desire. Please inquire directly. No reasonable offer will be refused.


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